the finest plume

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These girls, Teri & Jen, take some amazing photographs of their mouth watering treats. Check them out at Spoon fork bacon.

In pieces over this DIY cutting board.

Some lovely autumn colour inspiration.

All wrapped up in Zara’s new winter line for the little ones. I’m especially keen on this little number for G.


to cut to the point

Sorry I missed posting the weekly ‘last week in the nest’ but we were a bit busy this evening with the boys. I finally gave B a haircut and here’s the silliness that followed…

Yup. Lots of hair was coming off of B, but wait, G could use some more hair couldn’t he???

G’s new hairstyles #1, #2 and #3

A high perched bun is a bit too modern and stylish for G, hence the face…hehe. Excuse the horrible blue tinge of the photo we were having B watch Finding Nemo to distract him long enough for me to even cut his hair!

Onto new hairstyle #2, G wasn’t thrilled about this style either. Too Elton John-ish is what I think he said.

So hairstyle #3…

Possibly a winner??? Well he’s not exactly hating it like the other two, but think he’ll stick with the semi-bald baby look for now…besides he’s not natural a blonde anyway.

And here’s what B ended up looking like after his mom-made cut…

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the finest plume

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A divine little treat, just because… mini cupcakes in icecream cones.

A shameless plug for my new design blog which is preceeding the opening of the online design boutique.

How to satisfy your chevron-loving madeness.

Something that can be homemade and sweet for a hard working Mommy’s feet.

Lastly, but certainly not least is this epic and inspiring paint-by-numbers room design.

last week in the nest

Well its another late night post for me here. There’s still a lot going on! Last week was another filled with appointments. The worst one was the dreaded 8 week immunizations for G. Don’t get me wrong. I would rather have him suffer for a few moments through the injection and potentially one to two days of being feverish then having him get any of those nasty diseases and sickness, but that second he does turn red and the moments when he’s gasping in the air ready to make that shrill squeal of pain are horrible and they make me want to cry too, as there is nothing I can do to elevate his pain. I think that is one of the worst things about parenthood, when something happens to your child and you are left completely helpless; unable to fix what is wrong or painful.

On the brighter side of appointments, if there is one, B had one with the allergist last Monday and we thought he was going to have to have a skin prick test. Thankful because his allergy or intolerance to milk has seeming settled down, he didn’t have to have one and they kindly gave us a ‘get in free’ pass for the next six months in case any other allergies present themselves. I’ve had three skin prick tests in my life. One down my arm and two all over my back and they are dreaded! The are horrible especially if you have severe allergies to certain items–for me cats and molds. So the thought of having B have it done at the age of 2 was nightmarish!

For those not in the know, B developed his cow’s milk allergy at about 20 months old. He would develop hives( little bumps that itch) on his face and down his chest within 20 minutes of drinking milk. He also developed patches of eczema on his chest and legs. I did some research and we had tried the powdered formula, but it was horrible! He spat it out immediately. I tried it and almost vomited, so I couldn’t give it to him. I looked about soy and goat’s milk alternatives. I knew that there was a chance he could also develop an allergy to both of these which would leave us high and dry but I chose the goat’s milk alternative and luckily it worked, he liked drinking it and it was easily enough available in local food stores. We even   to purchase it at Walmart when we went back to the US for a visit at Christmas.

image via me

B also had an appointment today for his growth and development. He did exceedingly well here too! Not to brag or anything. He was in the 98 percentile for both his height and weight… big breeding. Told you all I wasn’t making this stuff up! He has the manual dexterity and mechanical abilities of a 4-5 year old child. His social interaction is age appropriate and his speech and language are lagging (as we already know and have been addressing). For speech he’s at the level of most 18 month old. More about addressing his speech issues here but he’ll begin the ‘Little Stars‘ program in about two weeks time so hopefully we will get him back on track. All in all, a great visit and he got some lovely books and crayons which was a happy surprise too!

As for me, well I’m learning to cope with Tristan being gone two days to North Wales for business. I am also keeping myself busy with my photography editing, my 365 project and my design business start up. The design site is now Baby Blue Tickled Pink, formerly the name of this personal blog. You can have a peek at that via the blog which I launched today. Its going to have features on my custom design work, printable freebies, great deals from any sponsors and business clientele I work with, features about business clients, a look book and colourbloks to inspire others. Thanks to everyone who has already visited, became a fan on Facebook and left lovely comments! The Facebook page has many portfolio items to view and can be seen here. Its so nice to hear such lovely words when I have been working so hard. Makes all these long nights worth while. I hope I’ll be able to provide you all with lovely cards, stationery and goods very soon.

images via Baby Blue Tickled Pink Design Boutique

Lastly we wrapped the week up with birthday celebrations for my parents in law. They both have there birthdays this month. We went a local pub with a children’s indoor play area to celebrate. Its always easier with the little one’s that way. At least I can eat a warm meal with a bit of peace. We, the children that is, chipped in and got them tickets to see Jethro (a British comedian, for all my American readers) and a day at the local spa complete with the fishy pedicure (the current rage) and a soothing facial. Hope they enjoy both the night out and the day at the spa. Love you both!

Well that’s it for now and the last week. Here’s the usual 365 project Brothers in the Making, Day 40 of 365. G with his nanny. Thankful sometimes my mother-in-law can come over and help me with the boys in the evening when Daddy is away!  Thanks Mum for always being there.

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the finest plume

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Absolutely loving this Back to School Project Run and Play! Wish I was a better sewer. I’ll have to put it on my to do and learn list.

What a cute and fun way to show your little ones you love them, then with a pocket heart!

An awesome project by a photographer…now expecting Dad. Check out the funny reactions he got as he announced I’m gonna be a Dad!

Eye candy for all you handbag loving ladies out there. Some day I’ll be able to afford another Coach handbag, when I can justify spending the money on myself and not my two boys! Ha!

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